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Wealth of musical and stylistic elements became a characteristic line for the project "SPACE & LIGHT". The depth of these compositions, poetry and free, leading the listener to the heights of the human spirit.

Nikolai Ivanov OM: guitars, tamboura, keyboards, flutes, percussions, vocal
Boyan Boyanov: djembe
Kostadin Genchev: kaval
Valentin Gerov: viola
Dessislava Cholakova: violin
Kremena Hristova: cello
Miglena Tzenova, Anastasiya Popova, Ema Popova, Veselina Danailova, Todor Yankulov, Todor Dimitrov, Dimitar Konstanzaliev: vocals
All songs composed and arranged by Nikolai Ivanov OM

Total time – 64:04